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On February 24, Beijing time, Brooklyn Nets coach Nash accepted an interview with ESPN after training.

Earlier, New York Mayor Adams said he was optimistic that mandatory vaccinations would eventually be phased out. That means New York City will allow unvaccinated players like Irving into arenas for home games.

Nash was delighted to learn about Adams’ attitude, but the Nets were still waiting. “It would be great if Irving could play in all of our games,” Nash said. “Having said that, it’s not within our control, so we’ll leave it to the mayor, be patient. wait.”

In the just-concluded team training, Nash also saw positive emotions from the 29-year-old guard, he said: “Irving performed well on the training ground, and I felt a real sense of focus and urgency from him. … If that’s any indication, I’d say he’s excited about the opportunity to be allowed to play at home, hopefully in the short term.”

Finally, Nash also affirmed Irving’s efforts this season: “Whenever the epidemic policy is lifted, I think he (Irving) is working hard to be able to participate in every game.”

So far this season, the Nets have only 23 regular-season games left, and the team is eighth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 31 wins and 28 losses.

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Current record: 31 wins and 28 losses

Current Ranking: Eighth in the East

Looking back on the performance of this season so far, the Nets have been on a roller coaster, and after reaching the top of the Eastern Conference, they fell all the way to the playoffs. After the trade deadline, with the arrival of new aid, the team ended a long 11-game losing streak and finally ushered in signs of recovery.

At the beginning of the season, it made great progress and climbed to the top of the Eastern Conference.

As this season’s championship favorite, the Nets, with many All-Star players, made great strides at the beginning of the season. With a 26-point away victory over the Lakers and a 4-point victory over the defending champion Bucks at home, the Nets ushered in a perfect start to the new season. Throughout November, the team has won 11 of 14 games and is firmly in the top three in the Eastern Conference.

With Irving out, Durant played well, averaging 29.3 points per game, his best performance in the past decade. Although Harden’s data has declined compared to the past, he has contributed to attracting defense and connecting the team on the offensive end of the Nets. Under the leadership of Duha’s dual core, the role players around him also shine. Aldridge and Mills averaged 13.8 points and 13.4 points per game, and Mills hit 42% of his three-pointers.

Entering January, Irving was allowed to play away games, and the three giants combined to fill the Nets’ offensive firepower, once the Bulls, who were at the top of the Eastern Conference at the time, blew 26 points. After 45 games, the Nets topped the Eastern Conference strongly, and the whole Brooklyn once again sounded a warm call to win the championship.

However, the good times did not last long. Due to the Nets’ play style relying too much on the stars, Durant’s body has experienced huge consumption. In the game against the Pelicans, Durant sprained the medial collateral ligament in his left knee and will miss 4-6 weeks. The star suffered a serious injury, and the Nets, which had just started, fell to the bottom.

Long 11-game losing streak fell to eighth in the East

Before the Nets could wait for Durant to return, Harden was on the sidelines with a left hamstring injury, and the team suffered a heavy blow. In addition, Irving can only play in away games, and a variety of unfavorable factors coexist, making this championship-winning team an instant “belly”.

When the Big Three only had Irving to play with a single core, the Nets’ offense was too single-pointed. Not to mention the home game in which Irving was absent, the Nets faced the Green Army and was once beaten 28-2 by the opponent at the beginning, and the offense was completely stagnant. The ball could not be scored, and the defense could not be prevented, and finally let the opponent win by 35 points.

During the 11-game losing streak, the Nets averaged 107 points per game, which was really pitiful, and the shooting percentage was only 44.6%, ranking sixth in the league in both data.

“I just made that shot and didn’t know what to do next,” Dwyane Wade, years later, recalled that crazy night in 2009, seemingly returning to the crazy American Airlines Center, where he was caught The teammates were surrounded and collided, enjoying the wonderful moment when their brains were blank amid the boiling cheers of the audience.

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“I stepped out of the touchline and jumped on the technical stage. When I jumped on, the home fans looked like they gave me this place, and I just declared at that moment that it was my place.”

In 2009, Wade was at the peak of his personal strength and the trough of the team’s lineup. Just like Kobe Bryant in 2006, he became the league’s scoring champion with his extreme personal performance, but the team’s record was always stuck. In a position that is neither embarrassing nor embarrassing, you can’t dive into the lottery or break the spell of the first round. The glory of 2006 has slowly gone away, and Shaquille O’Neal has left the team. The most effective helpers around Wade are Michael Beasley, who averaged 14 points per game, and Jermaine O’Neal, who averaged 13 points per game.

So the 27-year-old Wade can only be a lone hero, averaging 30.2 points and 7.5 assists per game, but also contributes 2.2 steals and 1.3 blocks on the defensive end. More than half of the journey with the load has passed. On March 9, Wade met another self-Derrick Rose, who just entered the NBA. He has the same breakthrough speed, explosive power and past as Wade. With the skill of not slowing down in corners, he averaged 17+6 in his rookie year. The stadium at the American Airlines Center was overcrowded, and people were looking forward to what kind of performance Wade and this rookie kid could bring.

Heat commentator Eric Reed has been explaining his game since Wade Elementary School, and Reed is not surprised by this famous scene: “For the past 16 years, he has been making us excited from our seats. Jump up. It’s his legacy, he’s always there when the team needs him.”

And Wade himself didn’t think so much: “In that moment, you don’t have much to care about, because this is my territory, and I don’t say that anywhere else, so, it is.”

A few years later, when Wade, who was about to retire, returned to the Heat again, faced the championship-winning Warriors, and once again killed the game with a lore three-pointer, the Heat fans at the American Airlines Center would spontaneously stand up and point their hands. At the foot, help Wade shout out this famous sentence in advance: “This is my site!”

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On February 16, Beijing time, in the NBA regular season, the Celtics defeated the 76ers 135-87 and won their ninth straight game. The Celtics made 25 of 45 3-pointers, setting a franchise record for 3-pointers in a single game. Tatum had 28 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists, Brown had 29 points and 8 rebounds, and Nesmith had 18 points. For the 76ers, Embiid had 19 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, and Maxey had 11 points.

game review

As soon as the game came up, Brown took advantage of the screen to make a mid-range shot, and then Gway also hit a three-pointer. Brown made another mid-range shot. The Green Army started 7-0. Harris responded with a mid-range shot. Brown made another three-point foul and made three free throws. In the second, and then counterattacked and scored hard, 11-2, the 76ers stopped. Adjusted back, Embiid made two free throws for a foul, but Brown felt hot and hit another three. Standing on the free-throw line to score points, Green also made a three-pointer, and Theis immediately threw an answer ball. Smart and Kokmaz also scored one on the outside. After that, the two sides continued to stand on the free-throw line to score. Wei made a three-pointer from the outside, and Milton responded with a mid-range shot. At the end of the quarter, Reed completed a dunk and Tatum made a three-pointer. At the end of the first quarter, the Celtics led 32-22.

Back in the second quarter, Tatum continued his touch, hit the three-pointer again, and then stood on the free throw line and made four free throws in a row. Niang made a throw, White and Tatum made consecutive breakthroughs and scored in response, and Maxi killed the penalty area. 2+1, Brown made a three-pointer, and the two sides began to attack each other. After Nesmith hit a three-pointer, the difference came to 20 points. Then Brown made another three-pointer to stop the 76ers again. Adjusted back, Brown and Embiid each scored two points, then Brown hit a three-pointer, and the point difference came to 27 points. After that, the Celtics suddenly fell into a scoring drought. The 76ers seized the opportunity and made a wave of shots. 10-0 approaching the score, the Celtics stopped. Adjusted back, Nesmith made a throw, Tatum also made a mid-range shot, and then made two free throws. People ended the half 69-42.

After changing sides to fight again, Harris took the lead to score with a throw, Gway responded with a three-pointer, Horford also made a three-pointer, and the point difference came to 30 points for the first time. The 76ers missed consecutive shots. Maxey finally responded with a jumper. White scored 2+1 at the basket. Embiid made two more free throws to stop the bleeding. Tatum easily completed a layup. White scored a fast break and the 76ers stopped again. Back from the break, Niang and Milton made killing free throws to score points, Horford made another three-pointer, Milton and Tatum each scored two points, Gway made another three-pointer, and continued to stop. Adjusting back, Harris still stood on the free throw line to stop the bleeding. Tatum made two consecutive three-pointers, and the point difference came to 40 points. Then he also made a layup. lead.

Back at the end of the quarter, the game had entered garbage time ahead of schedule. Theis hit the basket and Millsap responded with a three-pointer. Niang made two free throws for a foul. Looking back, Hauser also made a three-pointer. Millsap immediately made a three-pointer. After that, the two sides continued to shoot on the outside, Nesmith made two free throws, Pritchard scored a jumper, Bessie made a dunk to make it 2+1, Hauser made a three-pointer, and the two sides continued to score in the penalty area. At the end of the quarter, Joe hit a three-pointer, and the difference returned to within 40 points. In the end, the Green Army defeated the 76ers 135-87.