On February 24, Beijing time, Brooklyn Nets coach Nash accepted an interview with ESPN after training.

Earlier, New York Mayor Adams said he was optimistic that mandatory vaccinations would eventually be phased out. That means New York City will allow unvaccinated players like Irving into arenas for home games.

Nash was delighted to learn about Adams’ attitude, but the Nets were still waiting. “It would be great if Irving could play in all of our games,” Nash said. “Having said that, it’s not within our control, so we’ll leave it to the mayor, be patient. wait.”

In the just-concluded team training, Nash also saw positive emotions from the 29-year-old guard, he said: “Irving performed well on the training ground, and I felt a real sense of focus and urgency from him. … If that’s any indication, I’d say he’s excited about the opportunity to be allowed to play at home, hopefully in the short term.”

Finally, Nash also affirmed Irving’s efforts this season: “Whenever the epidemic policy is lifted, I think he (Irving) is working hard to be able to participate in every game.”

So far this season, the Nets have only 23 regular-season games left, and the team is eighth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 31 wins and 28 losses.